IJAssign-S11-Blog – Journalism Ethics

When journalists break the ethical code by exaggerating or fabricating their stories, the repercussions that result after they are exposed usually destroys their career, and gives them little to no chance of redeeming themselves. Everyone makes mistakes and bad decisions throughout their life time, so is it fair to punish a journalist for the remainder of their life because they made a mistake and chose to making up or inflating a story?
Journalist work in a competitive field, which means they have to constantly walk the line between right and wrong. When starting out a career as a journalist there can be a lot of pressure and temptation to exaggerate or make up a story just to get their career in motion, even when they are among the top journalist they have to fight to stay on top and can be tempted.
Most cases of journalist caught leads to suspension, which can result in their careers ending. By disappearing from the public eye they become forgotten and can’t seem to redeem themselves. In the case of Brian Williams where he admitted to exaggerating his Iraq helicopter story, and has been suspended for six months, and even though he was a popular journalist the chances that he will be able to establish himself again is minimal.

In the late 1990s a journalist name Stephen Glass was caught fabricating stories, which ended his career as a journalist and even now over a decade later he attempted to switch careers into practicing law and he was denied his license because of his past decisions, which seems to be too harsh of a punishment, he should be given an opportunity to redeem himself.

Brian Williams

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